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BYS - Disney Princess WE ARE ONE Set Collection containing 5 makeup booklets inspired by Disney Princess - Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, and Mulan. Inspired by the stories of our beloved Disney Princesses, We Are One encourages girls and young women to be confident and build each other up with the united message that we as one celebrate our uniqueness and individuality regardless of appearance, gender and race. This collectible book palette with inspired features of under the sea colours from Ariel, bold colours from Jasmine, timeless colours from Belle and spirited colours from Mulan. This is your set, but if you cannot choose which Princess is your favourite, you can have a bit of each character. After all, We Are One. BYS SET COLLECTION: TREASURE THE MOMENTS Palette is an all-embracing face makeup palette. A dream combination of 4 essential items: a skin-softening finishing powder, a light bronze blush, a shimmer champagne highlighter, and a mermaid red lipstick. CURIOUS AND KIND Palette is an all-in-one face makeup palette. A dream combination of 4 must-have items: a shimmer pearl pink highlighter, a bright-peach blush, a natural blush, and a ruby lipstick. MADE FEARLESS Palette is a universal face makeup palette. A dream combination of 4 essential items: a light-tan blush, a shimmer light rose highlighter, a chestnut bronzer, and an eastern red lipstick. STRENGTH AND COURAGE set is a makeup brush set. A dream combination of 5 essential brushes: a powder brush, a foundation brush, an angled blush brush, a shaping brush and a highlighter brush. WE ARE ONE Palette is an eyeshadow palette inspired by colours that stands for the Princess’ stories. A dream combination of 10 shimmer and 6 matte eyeshadow shades from bright and earthy tones to essential nudes.

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