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In this limited collaboration with Korean heartthrob Song Kang, experience the power of Green Caviar to give your skin that coveted Yeppeo Glow. This set contains mini sized products that are great for travel and fit perfectly in your purse or bag for on-the-go skin perfection.

Kit Inclusions:
?Green Caviar Cleansing Water 20ml ?This cleansing solution removes makeup, dirt, excess oils, as well as other impurities from the skin while also promoting hydration.
?Green Caviar Facial Cleanser 20g ?A light and airy foam that provides mild exfoliation to properly remove dirt without stripping away moisture.
?Green Caviar Toner?20ml?This toner provides an additional cleanse by removing dead skin cells after exfoliating, while also adding hydration back to the skin.
?Green Caviar Vitamin C Ampoule 11ml ?This serum contains highly concentrated active ingredients enriched with Vitamin C for brightening and protecting the skin against pollutants.
?Green Caviar Cream moisturizers 10g ?This cream is formulated to deliver a unique water burst, making it easily absorbed by the skin, providing a boost of hydration without leaving the skin feeling heavy or sticky.
?Green Caviar Skin Perfecting Tint 20g ?This skin tint provides moisture and lightweight coverage that will even out your complexion while providing protection from the sun.

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