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Flormar OMLashes! Lengthening Mascara?s perfect for you if you are looking for a product that takes your eyelashes length to another level. And, truth be told, who does not want longer eyelashes? With a special silicone brush, the OMLashes! Lengthening Mascara delivers a long and separated result to every single lash, from the root to the very tip. Infused with Cotton Bloom, the OMLashes! Lengthening Mascara offers protection, as well. Furthermore, this formula also contains Ester, a component that improves the lash's natural length and provides a quick dry. Therefore, every time you apply the OMLashes! High Definition you will be left with not only longer, but also protected, healthier-looking, and shinier eyelashes. The OMLashes! Lengthening Mascara is suitable for everyone but promises to be a true game-changer for those struggling with shorter lashes.?/p>

For an optimal result, apply this black mascara from the roots of your eyelashes and through zig-zag motions.

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