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REVOX B77 JUST AZELAIC ACID 10% is a brightening solution for face.

Azelaic Acid works by effectively eliminating acne-causing bacteria in the skin? pores, which leads to reducing the appearance of skin imperfections and refining the surface layers of skin. With its brightening properties, Azelaic Acid helps minimize the visibility of dark spots and signs of aging, leaving the complexion looking clearer and smoother.
The product targets dull skin, uneven skin tone, bumps, and blemishes.

Combine with: REVOX B77 JUST Salicylic Acid to even out rough skin texture, or follow with REVOX B77 JUST Argan Oil 100% / Blend Oil to nourish dry skin.

Do not combine with: direct acids or Retinoids to avoid over-exfoliation and irritation.

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