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Luzon - 10 days | Visayas & Mindanao - 14 days
COD is only available in the Philippines

A lightweight Probiotics Ampoule created with a formula consisting of three different types of probiotics to create porcelain, dewy skin that stays hydrated all day.
- This ampoule is deeply hydrating and protects the skin from external irritation by locking in the moisture and strengthening the skin? natural protective layer.

- This ampoule is the perfect product for anyone who needs to find a solution for dry, red skin that will enhance the skin? moisture levels and lock-in the moisture to create supple, bright skin.

- This product is formulated with bifida ferment filtrate, lactobacillus ferment, and saccharomyces ferment filtrate to calm and soothe irritated skin while providing the skin with deep hydration.

- This product strengthens and improves the skin? natural healing properties by balancing oil production, hydrating the skin, and defending the skin against harmful free radicals.

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