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Use THREE of the best ampoules (Azulene, Vitamin B12, and Q10) from The Potions and don't forget to lock in the good stuff with the Cica Complex Cream Mixer.
** Azulene Ampoule **
An Azouline ampoule to help calm irritated skin and strengthen the skin barrier from environmental aggressors.
- Due to the nature of Azulene, which has no artificial content and made purely from natural ingredients, exposure to sunlight may cause discoloration, but there is no problem with the product itself and has been verified in all possible tests for safety.
- A soothing ampoule with Azulene, otherwise known as Guaiazulene, it helps soothe sensitive skin prone to acne and protect against the effects of free radicals.
** Vitamin B12 Ampoule **
A Vitamin B12 ampoule to help revitalize uneven skin tone and promote firmer-looking skin.
- This vitamin-charged ampoule formulated with hyaluronic acid aids in topical absorption.
- The formula is rich in Vitamin B12 which helps target the signs of aging and promote a more even-looking skin tone with increased cellular turnover. As a potent antioxidant, they are essential in strengthening skin's protective layer.
** Q10 Ampoule **
An energizing Q10 ampoule to soothe and revitalize uneven skin tones.
- This energy-charged ampoule with CoQ10, a.k.a. ubiquinone, is naturally produced enzyme which helps protect skin from external stressors and maintain overall skin health.
- The formula contains CoQ10 which aids in the production of collagen and melanin for a healthy-looking glow.
** Cica Complex Cream Mixer **
A nourishing, soothing cream moisturizers to care for, and strengthen sensitive skin powered by Cica complex.
- This Centella Asiatica based cream moisturizers combines a thoughtfully selected assortment of ingredients including kelp, ginseng, squalane, and niacinamide to intensely hydrate, strengthen, balance, and improve skin's defences.
- This soothing moisturizers is specially formulated to mix & match with your favorite Potions to maximize the benefits your skin deserves.

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