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The Anti-Microbial Purifying Detangler bringscleanlinessto a new level in the world of hair brushes. Pioneering WetBrush? new anti-microbialIONPURE?echnology, this detangler ensures the hair is remains clean. Revolutionary IONPURE?technology forms an anti-microbial shield, releasing ions that actively repel bacteria and other unwelcomed pathogens from forming and collecting on the brush cushion and bristles. This, in turn, ensures the hair is also not exposed to this bacteria. Any germs and microbes simply wash off all surfaces, keeping the surface of the brush clean.

Cleanliness doesn? end there, though. This detangler also features a removeable cushion so you can thoroughly wash, rinse and dry it before use.

Detangling is protected with this detangler. Signature IntelliFlex?bristles seamlessly glide through tangles without pain, tugging or breakage.

Key Benefits:

Unique lightweight and maneuverable design for easy brushing
Easy to wash, hang and dry after brushing sessions
Removable cushion ensures no dirt, product or debris build-up
Bristles and tips actively repel bacteria and microbes
* Gently loosens knots on wet and dry hair.
* 45% Less Breakage (anti hair breakage, anti-breakage)
* 55% Less Effort ( effortly glides on hair that lessens hair damage)
* Perfect for all HAIR TYPES (curly, straight, wavy, long, short, textured, thick)

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